A Glimpse of Magic

I feel very lucky to have traveled as much as I did as a child.

To see things I simply couldn’t have imagined in Ohio.

I feel so in control of my every move nowadays that it’s funny to think as a kid that you basically just go wherever your parents decide to go.

You have no idea where your next adventure will be.

You just simply go along for the ride.

Wide eyed and ready for an adventure.

I was always ready for an adventure.

Aside from the typical vacation spots for Ohioans (Florida, Myrtle Beach, New York, Texas…did I mention Florida?) we went to Las Vegas a lot because we had family friends who lived there.

Vegas to a child is like Europe to an American adult.

Its colors, its people, its nakedness yet its secrecy is simply mind blowing.

It was a world of excitement and possibility that I had never known.

My mom was cool enough to take me on the strip, see the different bars during the day, shop fancy stores that we would never find at home.

The shopping was fantastic!  I could dress in clothes that I would never dare to wear in school.

I would dress myself to look much older so I could go into the casinos with her and the security people would have no idea that I was actually 15 years old.

I just wanted to be a part of that fast life.

My mom let me pretend too.

That champagne life baby.

All night long.

After watching the movie, I walked into the bar Coyote Ugly and saw that the girls really did dance on the bar in cowboy boots!

I’ll never forget that.

I thought, “I could be one of those girls.”

Desirable to men and women….sexy and free.

It’s funny how your perspective changes as you get older.

The beauty of Vegas is that it can be whatever you want it to be.

I don’t think my mom ever knew how impactful those trips were for me.

It made me feel like the coolest kid man…..I just felt so worldly (in Vegas…go figure)

Those trips helped shape the goals that I now have for myself.

I no longer want to be a go-go dancer (although I still think it would be fun),

But I have a never ending desire to seek excitement,

shiny things,

fancy things.

And even though I see Vegas as a very different place now that I’m an adult,

there is still some magic to its facad and its shiny lights that inspires me.

An unstoppable hunger was born from every vacation my mom took me on.

I thank my mom for that…..she was so cool for that.

I don’t have kids but I look forward to the day when I can blow their minds.

Seeing the world and what it has to offer makes you realize how many doors there are to walk through.

Your imagination is the key to every closed door.

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