The Only Child

I woke up feeling dark today.

My soul, my conscious…all dark.

Dark like the heart of a widow.

Dark like a night in Ohio with no street lights.

Dark like a kiss of betrayal.

Being alone will do that to you sometimes,

it will make you crave the dark,

it can make you believe in the dark.

Being alone is an only child’s greatest ally.

You can create your own world of personal darkness that no one else can see.

You can escape.

You can be free.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m alone is to visit grave yards.

The only place where you can be alone and amongst many at the same time.

I find solitude here,

among the dead.

I dream about the lives they had,

I make up my own stories about who they were,

who they loved.

Solitude can change the way you see things you know.

but never forget,

you must treat the darkness with caution.

Because if you sink too deep,

and you surely will,

your worlds drifts further and further apart,

and forever alone you shall be.

Abandonment of one’s own self is far worse than the abandonment of others.

A cry for help shall forever go unheard,

as you sink,

as you disappear from the light.

Still, I cant help but long for solitude sometimes,

in thought,

in body,

in spirit.

Forever an only child in the dark.

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