On this Sunday morning,

I thought it would appropriate to share my feelings about churches and cathedrals.

I simply adore them.

They are the most spiritually accessible places I could ever find.

That stained glass,

the dramatic lighting that shines through but somehow doesn’t seem to ever light up the room enough to take away from its mystery,

its majesty.

The pews where people come to confess,



plead with God…plead with themselves.

Even if you are not a religious person,

I feel that you can still have a spiritual connection or at least a respect when stepping through the doors of an old church.

I always think of the people who worshiped there before me.

I think of their stories to God, to the priests.

Cathedrals are boxes of secrets,

of betrayels.

The beauty and the grandeur and the holiness just seem to make me want to fall to my knees and weep.

I long to weep for the sadness in the world,

for the sadness in my heart,

for the emptiness that others leave at the church doorsteps.

There is always something to cry for.

There is always something to believe in.

*Picture of The Basílica Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família located in Barcelona, Spain. Construction on this massive structure began in 1882, and in 1883 Antoni Gaudi took over as designer.  Gaudi devoted his last years to the project before his death in 1926, when the project was less than 1/4 of the way complete. Today construction continues, largely based on Gaudi’s original designs, and is expected to be completed by 2026-the centenary of Gaudi’s death.

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