Crystal Ball


sit with me my dear and let me tell you your fortune.

Let me play in your mind,

get tangled in your thoughts,

and I can tell you all that your future holds.

Your beauty becomes you my dear,

hair dark and long like the tide of the ocean at night.

Eyes black as coal yet still a little curious…

You hold onto many secrets my dear, I can see that.

but I can tell you fear that which you don’t know,

and what you don’t know can sometimes hurt.

What you don’t know can sometimes destroy you,

bury you,

eat you alive.

But my dear not to worry!

Because I see in you,

a destiny brighter than the star of David.

Bigger than the night sky and deeper than the very ocean

from which we were born.

A light burns inside of you my dear,

a light that will pave the way for a lifetime of wander.

A dream of opulent madness.

Dreams that were meant to breathe must be given life….

You see my dear the crystal ball does not lie,

for we see what we want to believe.

And we can only do as much as we believe in ourselves.

So my dear you must fly!

Fly as high as the clouds will take you,

Past the sun, higher than the Heavens!

and you will find what you seek….

And what you seek will find you.


The heart is a wild mare my dear,




Your blood gives life to your dreams.

So dream my dear,

and never look back.

*Image of San Jerónimo el Real Church in Madrid, Spain

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