Down the Rabbit Hole

Today was one of those mornings where the fresh air came creeping through my bedroom window to greet me.

To remind of the magic that was in the air,

and to soothe my racing mind.

That smell always reminds me of Ohio,

of being home.

The way you make me feel like I’m at home.


My coffee poured itself perfectly into my favorite mug,

and I sat by myself,

staring out the window into the newly awakened city,

and I started to daydream, which I so often do

A blossoming of the mind if you will.

And I started to think of you and that damn smile of yours….

that smile has made me do crazy things you know…

I’ve been crazy for you,

I’ve been crazy at you.

But I’ve mostly been crazy in love with you.

People always say to live in the moment and not to think too hard about the future…

But I think everyday about how tricky life can be,

about how nothing is ever certain.

And for a brief moment I envision a future without that smile,

a future that I couldn’t bear to face.

A possible reality I refuse to accept.

But love and fear have never been the best of friends.

And so I climb out of the rabbits hole I began to dig for myself,

and I stop thinking.

And I come back to the moment,

and I realize you you’re still here.

Just as you have always been.

And until my dying day,

I will keep you locked in my mind,

deep down in that rabbit hole,

far past the sun,

where the thought of you is safe,

and where I know Ill always be able to find you,

in my thoughts,

in my dreams,

in my fears.

Never to fade away.

*For my love

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