Can’t Stop A Fire

My experience driving across the country was actually a very peaceful one.

No major issues,

no wrong turns…

Just a lot of open road.

And a lot of sunrises.

And a lot of time to think.

A lot of time to think about the blank space that lies in front of you,

and about the future that you cannot seem to get a glimpse of.

A blank canvas.

The ability to feel how truly small you are in this world is a gift.

And sometimes gifts come at precisely the right time.

Because once you light a match,

its impossible not to feel it’s heat.

And once you feel the heat,

you will surely see the fire.

And that fire will burn down everything you knew in your rearview mirror.

Leaving nothing but a future,

nothing but a suitcase and a sunset.

And sometimes,

nothing gives you the world.

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