I Left my heart in San Francisco…and Ohio…it’s complicated…

I have called this place home now for almost 4 years.  Crazy to think that when I was a kid I wrote in my diary that I would someday move to California among the rich and famous.  Although I am still not rich or famous, part of my promise to myself has been fulfilled.

I certainly never thought I would move here under the conditions I did…

My now husband (then boyfriend) had what I would call an early life crisis/epiphany and informed me that he would be moving to California in approx 5 days.  Awesome…..or not….I couldn’t even really tell you what I was thinking then.  Probably just…what the fuck man???  Some notice.

So then commenced a long distance relationship…9 months long to be exact…which is a long time for a 24 and 25 year old to sustain.  Well, sustain we did not and we ended up breaking up.

Long story short, after a long hiatus and a few late night phone calls we realized we couldn’t live without each other and one week after college graduation I packed my bags, sold all my stuff and we set out on the long cross country drive to CA (originally from Cincinnati, OH) much to my parent’s dismay.

We landed in San Francisco where he had gotten a job and found a bedroom in a house for us to live in.  I found a shitty but paying job within my first month of being here and the rest my friends is history (the rest is actually a ton of hard work and tears and missing my family but I’ll spare you the sob story).

Flash forward four years and my now husband and I have a nice apartment all our own, our dog is happily adjusted, and we both have good jobs that afford us to venture even further from our Ohio roots to places like Spain and Germany.

I always knew….but I never really could have imagined.

I must always remind myself as I go through the daily mundane 9-5 sheep herding session (aka the bus ride into the financial district) that I am truly living my dream.

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